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May 9, 2021 Preacher: Pastor Bill Borinstein Series: The Gospel of John: So That You May Believe

Passage: John 17:20-26

What makes an orchestra performance amazing? It's the coming together of different instruments, from different families including bowed string instruments, woodwinds, brass, percussion, keyboards and others all playing the same music together as one under the leadership of another. On the flip side, imagine a group of musicians, all playing at the same time the way they want to play, from different composers without any concern for others in the group or for those listening. What would you have? Chaos and division. When we come to John 17:20-26, three different times Jesus prays for believers to be one, to be united. What does that look like, how can we as a diverse group of individuals be one in purpose making beautiful music like a well led orchestra? Join us as we look at the last section of Jesus' High Priestly Prayer for a message titled, Unity. Not only will we look at our purpose for unity, but we will look at the pattern and result of our unity. 

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