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Hope Youth is headed to summer camp at UCYC in Prescott, AZ! 
Youth Camp is a way for students to experience God in a new way, deepen their faith, develop deeper relationships with friends, be challenged in their faith, all while providing a space for students to have fun outside their normal schedules. 



Location: UCYC in Prescott, AZ (1400 Paradise Valley Rd, Prescott, AZ 86303)
Dates: Monday, June 20th - Friday, June 24th
Ages: Students having completed 7th grade - entering 12th grade
Cost: $489/student (*there is opportunity for scholarship funds from UCYC and most likely Hope as well. We do not want cost to prohibit any student from attending camp!)
Schedule: Click here to view the weekly schedule
Camp Speaker: Tyler Hart, Young Adults Pastor @ Central Christian Church (AZ)
Camp Theme: Protege: James, the brother of Jesus, never knew a time without Jesus in his life. That was his older brother, the boy he grew up playing with, and I’m sure he had heard his parents’ stories of just how Jesus came into the world and what a special miracle He was way more than he wanted to. So, it’s no surprise that when Jesus turned 30 and started traveling the countryside preaching that He was the promised Messiah, James thought He had utterly lost his mind (John 7:3-5). What would it take for James to become convinced that his big brother, Jesus, was actually divine? It took him personally encountering the resurrected Jesus, and James was transformed forever in that moment. For us today, there’s a huge difference between liking someone and being their protege. We want to help these students connect with Jesus like never before - to lead them into encounters with Him so powerful that they transform them in the same way that James’s whole life was changed by connecting with his risen Brother. 

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At Hope, we desire to see students grow up into Jesus in every way (Eph. 4:15).


One of the primary ways we do this is on Sunday nights from 6-8pm.


Youth come together and enjoy fellowship, food, biblical teaching, small groups and fun. Our goal in our youth ministry is twofold:

  1. To equip and encourage students to follow Jesus more joyfully & obediently

  2. To have fun in the process! 

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Merely planning and completing Sunday night youth gatherings is not our main focus. We want to develop relationships with our students that extend outward from the walls of the church which penetrate into the surrounding communities. Discipleship is not an event. It is a way of life and attitude of learning what it means to follow Jesus daily.