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Scripture is abundantly clear that the Church is called to teach and equip the saints for ministry (Eph 4:11-12). The Growth Class structure is set in motion to foster and cultivate spiritual growth & transformation for Christ followers as they seek to glorify Christ in all areas of life (work, family, leisure, etc). God’s word tells us that a child of God going through the process of sanctification does not live a stagnant life. To be a disciple is to be a learner, always yearning to know Christ more fully and to live out the calling to which he/she is called. Growth Classes are meant to feed, nourish & strengthen both new believers as they begin their journey with Christ as well as seasoned believers continuing to live out their faith.


Mondays 6:30pm-8:30pm

Starting February 7th

Hope Bible Church



To kick off 2022, we are offering everyone at Hope a FREE Ramsey+ membership. What does this mean? A Ramsey+ membership includes an array of tools and benefits that help you live in financial peace so you are able to give generously. This includes a biblical approach to paying off debt, saving money, & planning for the future. Whether you are a single college student, grandparent, or anywhere in between, we believe Ramsey+ will greatly benefit you. 

Signing up is a two-step process. First, you will sign up for a Ramsey+ account membership by using the "Sign up now" button down below. Once you follow the prompts, you will be guided to your new Ramsey+ account. In your account portal, there will be an option to sign up for Financial Peace University through Hope Bible Church. Do not miss this step!


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Through the New Testament, it is made very clear that God's plan in getting the gospel to the ends of the earth is through the church, the body of Christ. We learn that His church is singular in nature (one body), yet this body consists of many members. By God's grace and through His Spirit, he has sovereignly gifted all believers with certain spiritual gifts, for the edification of the body. In this class, we'll explore all things spiritual gifts: what they are, why they matter, how we determine them, and how we are called to use them. Join us as we dive deeper into God's word together on this all important, super practical topic!

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